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I lived in India for 6 months in 2010 to obtain my yoga certificate and another 6 months as a journalist in 2015. Kerala has a magical draw for me. First, it was my Keralan boyfriend but I still returned to study the last of Jewish life there, to visit every part of the state from Munnar to Pallakad. The only place I haven’t seen yet is  North Kerala, yet when I was in Nicaragua, the general manager of the hotel was Malayalee (I instantly knew because of his complexion, hair and mustache) had written a book on it in his spare time: North Keralan Tales. During prayer services at Sivananda, where I have visited the Kerala, Bahamas and New York City locations, I realized the priest was wearing a dhoti, and that Sivananda too was Keralan! It turns out that Swami Vishnu was Keralan and Sivananda was from Tamil Nadu and the priest was Keralite. Kerala has so much magic and art. Read the following articles I wrote specifically about Kerala, which are the basis for Girl Gone Global:




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