Writer’s Digest Coverage: July/August 2009

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Excerpt of  article by Susan Shapiro entitled “10 Tips for Profiling the Pros” 9. Entice Readers: Lead with a provocative quote so readers immediately har the author’s voice and pay attention…My student Alyssa Pinsker’s Chelsea Now Story on Ian Frazier, timed to his collection, Lamentations of the Father, began: “I could never get my father to laugh so I felt … Read More

Alyssa PinskerWriter’s Digest Coverage: July/August 2009

July 20, 2009: Franklin Park Reading Series

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http://franklinparkbrooklyn.com/ Thank you all for coming to the Franklin Park Reading series to hear an excerpt of “Big in Japan.” I was honored to read alongside Erin Einhorn, author of  the riveting “The Pages In between”, whose NPR story made me pull over and park to hear the ending, Teddy Wayne’s amazing debut novel “Kapitoil” and Alice Feiring, author of “The Battle … Read More

Alyssa PinskerJuly 20, 2009: Franklin Park Reading Series

Quoted by MacMillan Academic Marketing for Ian Frazier Interview/Profile

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Lamentations of the Father Essays Ian Frazier “At 57, the Thurber Prize-winning comic essayist and longtime New Yorker writer is regarded as one of America’s greatest humorists. His tenth book, Lamentations of the Father, contains 33 short essays, many of which are quintessentially New York as well as laugh-out-loud funny . . . The collection as a whole invokes laughter … Read More

Alyssa PinskerQuoted by MacMillan Academic Marketing for Ian Frazier Interview/Profile