Allepey, Kerala Snake Boat Race my Music Video Debut

Alyssa PinskerPress, Videos

“Alissa” U.S.A. This is my shaking my thang for Alleppey, promoting tourists for the annual snake boat race. First we had to dance, then we had to frolic in the ocean, and then we had to wear saris. And then-my friend Ameer broke it down. These embarrassing upshots make great blackmail fodder! To be fair, I was with my bf, and I missed a lot of scenes when chatting with him and he told me what to wear which should have been a loose outfit and a lot less movement. I heard someone singing the song while I was on the back of my man’s motor scooter in Alleppey, it is really catchy! I loved these people.

Alyssa PinskerAllepey, Kerala Snake Boat Race my Music Video Debut