Contrary to popular opinion, you can run away from your problems, and find yourself in the process!  For ten years, Alyssa Pinsker lived and loved in Japan, France, Switzerland, India, Israel and of course, New York from bookstores in London to ashrams in Hawaii. Her memoir, GIRL GONE GLOBAL  chronicle of those misadventures, where HBO’s Girls goes global and meets Eat, Pray, Love.

GIRL GONE GLOBAL can also be cast as a how-to memoir hybrid as GIRLS GONE GLOBAL and a must-have guide for every young woman who wants to travel the world, learn, explore, screw up, pick herself up, and head out to another country! Girls go wild by thinking globally. They find themselves, fill the gap year, and get direction and leave their lame jobs/lives once and for all. Whether it is for love, money, adventure, spirituality, the world is waiting for girls to go global. Rick Steves, author of “Travel is a Political Act,” is the older generation of this global voice.  Her book is the feminist Rick Steves, a voice for third culture kids, expats, and global citizens.

Called the “anti-Eat, Pray, Love,” GIRL GONE GLOBAL  began as a New York Press Cover story, “Hipster Hassids,”(2007) which has since been republished three times. See personal essays on living and loving in the Frisky (India) , New York Magazine (Switzerland) and more. Each chapter of the book has also been performed on stage in storytelling. Hawaii’s surprising story was told at Word Up, NYC and“Big in Japan”  was performed at Brooklyn’s esteemed Franklin Park Readings Series.

My Sunday Travel Feature, New York Daily News article, “Five Ways to Travel for Free” is the basis for GIRLS GONE GLOBAL, a forum to connect solo women travelers around the world and teach them how to travel safely, cheaply and authentically.

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