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I lived in India for 6 months in 2010 to obtain my yoga certificate and another 6 months as a journalist in 2015. Kerala has a magical draw for me. First, it was my Keralan boyfriend but I still returned to study the last of Jewish life there, to visit every part of the state from Munnar to Pallakad. The … Read More

Alyssa PinskerOn India

Girl Gone Global: Goa, India

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The following article was originally published in the Huffington Post’s World Post in March, 2010: Published by the  Being Abroad in India: India’s Woman Problem By Alyssa Pinsker In New York City I often forget I am a feminist, but in India, I noticed there’s a woman problem. Since arriving in India one month ago, I have made many realizations … Read More

Alyssa PinskerGirl Gone Global: Goa, India

Girl Gone Global: Dharamasala, India

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This blog was originally published in the Huffington Post on May 13, 2010:  Being a Broad in India: Good News and Bad News By Alyssa Pinsker My semi-flirtatious but perhaps Brahmachari (celibate) yoga teacher (the lack of which is an impossibility in India’s romantic culture) told me that Indian women consider themselves quite young until age 40 — and that … Read More

Alyssa PinskerGirl Gone Global: Dharamasala, India