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Girl Gone Global™ Coaching and Editing Services

Contact Alyssa at to apply for a free 15- 30 minute call to discuss how Alyssa can help you. 
Prefer email? Send up to two emails instead of the initial free call to same address not including initial query. Alyssa is here to help you follow your dreams and inspire you to just do it!
As a teacher with fifteen years experience, and an M.S. Ed./MFA candidate (Sarah Lawrence College) and a holistic coach, Alyssa is able to hone in quickly on the key areas where women and writers are holding themselves back and need support.

Private coaching packages are highly personalized to fit the exact issues a client is facing. Typically, a client needs help in one of four areas.
These areas are: 

  • support
  • strategy 
  • action steps
  • editing!

Editing services include the following types and are offered at an hourly or per word rate:

  • developmental
  • line editing
  • holistic
  • read-throughs with feedback

For authors, Alyssa has created a top-secret Girl Gone Global™ template for a book proposal available for a flat rate that is professional, thorough and has been reviewed by agents and editors.

For aspiring digital nomads, Auntie Mame Girl Gone Global™  coaching will teach you how to travel or live abroad safely, even as a solo female and what key mistakes women make and how to change that! Alyssa also has detailed guides to living in India and coaches women on how to make that dream a reality.

Alyssa will be able to assess in the free call which strategy to suggest, and if you decide to become a coaching client, she will chart a course of action based on those areas. 

Based in NYC/ Philadelphia and the globe, Alyssa has clients all over the world, and time zones are not a problem. Through technology, community and working together, everything is possible. 


Alyssa Pinsker